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M.B. Amster & Associates, Inc. (MBAA) provides quality, cost effective, and timely consulting solutions to address a wide variety of EH&S program objectives and regulatory requirements on a worldwide basis to clients in the industrial and non-industrial environment.  This has included collaboration with other EH&S professionals in order to provide a single source of assistance. 

We assist business management in understanding and accepting their EH&S leadership role and demonstrating their ownership of the company EH&S program.  The combination of technical and business approaches helps to achieve demonstrated significant injury and cost reductions, making EH&S a truly bottom-line business activity.

Why work with M.B. Amster & Associates, Inc?  The reasons are because of our Qualifications, Capabilities and Experience.  Our client base is extremely diverse; for many of whom we provide assistance on a regular basis.

MBAA Provides Pragmatic Business Assistance:

  • Innovative and cost effective solutions to EH&S issues -- Develop, implement and help to maintain employee safety, manufacturing operations, and regulatory compliance.  Applied both proactively and reactively. 

  •  Managing and participating in the development, implementation, and maintenance of successful corporate and site EH&S programs in US and foreign operations -- Including documentation development, training development and presentation; design and implementation of innovative field studies in response to specific client needs; and participation on EH&S audit teams providing program oversight at a number of these locations.

  •  Addressing regulatory requirements pertaining to worker health and safety issues as well as addressing issues of good management practice -- Capabilities are applied in order to anticipate, recognize, evaluate, and control occupational health and safety issues in a wide range of technical areas.

MBAA provides additional expertise to supplement that which already exists as well as to assist colleagues who have too much to do and not enough time to do it.  

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For more information about MB Amster & Associates write  Michael@MBAmster.com
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